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Alnair Labs BVF-300CL

Alniar BVF-300CL

The BVF-300 series optical bandpass filters provide a variable bandwidth from 0.03nm to 3nm . The BVF-300 is wavelength tunable from 1525 to 1610nm. more....

Alnair Labs CVF-220CL


The CVF-220 is the an electrically-controllable optical bandpass filter with an independently tunable center-wavelength over C or C + L band, and a variable
passband bandwidth from 0.1nm to 15nm. more....

Alnair Labs TLG-300


TLG-300 features <100kHz narrow linewidth with wavelength tunability that is locked at ITU grid. It is
available in main frame form, with configurations of
1 to 12 slots. more....





Alnair Labs BVF-200CL

Alnair BVF-200CL

BVF-200 series optical bandpass filters is a low cost, manual version of the CVF-220 series. The BVF-200 series filters offer extra advantage of a high power tolerance up to 2 Watts. The filter specifications are the same as the CVF-220 series. more....


Alnair Labs WTF-200


The WTF-200 series wavelength tunable optical filter is based on a prioprietary compressivley-tuned fiber Bragg grating technology which follows a wideband tuning. The center wavelength is selectable, whilst the maxumum tuning range of the filter is typically 20nm. more....

Alnair Labs TLG-200


The TLG-200 is a narrow-linewidth wavelength tunable laser source for applications such as coherent communication and long-range optical sensing. The laser can be locked to ITU grid wavelengths and fine-tunable with 1 MHz resolution. The laser can be controlled on the front panel or remotely via USB/GPIB. Benchtop version can host up to 4 separate lasers, with a combination of C- or L- band tunable laser. more....




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