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Yokogawa AQ7280

The Yokogawa AQ7280 is a high-performance instrument that is used to measure fiber-optic cable distances and losses and to identify failure locations. The AQ7280 is the latest high-end OTDR from Yokogawa, which has been used for the installation and maintenance of a wide range of network systems, including core, metro, and access networks. For improved efficiency and measurement quality, the AQ7280 has a capacitive touchscreen with the same easy-to-use multi-touch functionality that can be found in smartphones and other handheld devices.

AQ7280 OTDR OTDR Trace

The AQ7280 has a best-in-class 8.4-inch capacitive touchscreen that supports the same intuitive multi-touch functionality found in smartphones and other handheld devices, allowing users to reposition and resize objects on the screen. The AQ7280 also has the same operation hard keys found on the preceding model. Users can opt to use either the touchscreen or the hard keys. There are nine models in the AQ7280 series. These include the AQ7285A, which has an industry leading 50 dB dynamic range suitable for long-distance measurements, and the AQ7283K, which can measure up to four different wavelengths. The AQ7280 series offers remarkable flexibility and convenience with modular measuring units that can be replaced in the field. As new measuring units are developed to keep up with advances in optical technology, the AQ7280 can be modified simply by replacing the measuring unit. more....




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