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Alnair Labs BVF-300

The Alnair Labs BVF-200 series optical bandpass filters is a low cost, manual version of the CVF-220 series. The BVF-200 series filters offer extra advantage of a high power tolerance up to 2 Watts. The filter specifications are the same as the CVF-220 series.

The BVF-200 is an electrically-controllable optical bandpass filter and is tunable over C or C+L band, while the passband is independently tunable from 0.1nm to 15nm bandwidth. The BVF-200 features an ideal >150dB/nm, providing a strong out-of-band suppression of typically 50dB and negligible chromatic dispersion within the passband.


Latest News

March 27th 2021


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March 6th 2018

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April 14th 2017

Yokogawa AQ1000

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September 4th 2020

Sumitomo T72C+

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