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Lightel DI-1000 fibre optic connector inspector

The ergonomically designed DI-1000 is Lightel's all digital video microscope probe. It connects directly to your PC through the computer's USB2.0 port. Featuring easy single finger focusing, a built-in image freeze/capture button, and detectable resolution to 0.5┬Ám, the DI-1000 package includes our free ConnectorViewTM (standard) software, providing digital zoom, image display, image capture, auto-calibration and basic analysis tools.

The DI-1000 uses series two inspection tips, and can also use all our CI-1000 tips with an optional adapter.

Our optional ConnectorView Plus analytical software adds Pass/Fail analysis and detailed reporting capabilities to the DI-1000.


Fast, easy focus
One hand operation
Inspect patchcords (male) and in-adapter connectors (female)
Direct USB2.0 connection to PC
Powered by USB connection
Built-in freeze/capture button
Slim ergonomic design
Rapid tip change
Comprehensive line of tips
Free image capture and software included
Digital zoom
Pass/Fail analytical software option available




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