FiberLabs Inc. O-Band Amplifiers

The Fiberlabs AMP-FL8611-OB series is an O-band
optical fiber amplifier based on Pr doped fluoride glass fiber technology. This amplifier realized high signal gain
of more than 25dB over the original communication bandwidth at around 1300nm. more....







FiberLabs Inc. S-Band Amplifiers

The AMP-82xx-SB series are an optical fiber amplifier designed to meet the need for the next generation optical fiber communication window of S-band. This S-band Amplifier realized high signal gain over the wide bandwidth, covering 1460-1520nm, by utilizing a unique fluoride glass fiber technology.. more....









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March 13th 2017

Yokogawa AQ1000

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January 11th 2017

Yokogawa AQ6374

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February 16th 2016

Yokogawa AQ6376

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January 4th 2016

Aragon Photonics

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