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Kingfisher KIĀ 2600 Series Optical Power Meter

The new Kingfisher KI2600 Handheld Fibre Meter is a premium power meter used to test power, loss, continuity and faults on all types of fiber optic systems. Various detector options cover all power levels and fiber types. A VFL laser option is also available.

Kingfisher International Logo KI2600 Series Optical Power Meter

The Kingfisher KI2600 has a long battery life with micro USB external power. The KI260 has the same same LCD that is used in the full series for KI2000 products. The LCD is clear, sunlight readable & backlit. The Ki2600 uses Interchangeable connectors with dust cap & tilt bail.


Detector options for 600 - 1700 nm, +33 to -70 dBm, small and large core fiber, ribbon fiber, and optional


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