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Kingfisher KI 2800 / 2400 Handheld Fibre Source

The KI 2800 Series LED & Laser Source is a general purpose test source for multimode & single mode systems. Typical applications include fiber optic attenuation measurement, continuity testing, polarity testing and fiber identification on critical systems.


KI2800 Fibre Light Source

The KI 2400 Series Zero Warm-up Source uses an advanced optical stabilization method to offer ultra high stability, insensitivity to ambient temperature variations and has zero warm up time. Typical applications include very high precision fiber optic loss measurement, such as is often desirable for connector or component testing, r&d etc. The unique instant-on & tight temperature specifications are also useful in demanding installation environments.



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March 27th 2021


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March 6th 2018

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April 14th 2017

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September 4th 2020

Sumitomo T72C+

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