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Sumitomo Type-55 Fusion splicer

The Sumitomo T-55 provides a splicing time of 7s and with a heat shrink time of 20sec this is one of the fastest splicers on the market. The "Automatic Adaptive Core Alignment" can offer a superior solution than Active V-groove Alignment.The T-55 can view and process the fibre core image therfore can consistently achieve lower splice loss. This core processing ability allows the Sumitomo to give accurate loss estimation.The T-55 battery typically gives 230 splice & heat cycles from a full charge.


T-71C+ and WIFI Sumitomo T71C+

The T-55 is compact and lightweight at 1.7kg. The unit passes IPx2 test. The SD card capabilities allows over 10,000 sets of splice data to be stored and also over 50,000 splice images.



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