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Sumitomo T-71C Fusion splicer

The Sumitomo T-71C fusion splicer offers many new key features. It is smaller, lighter, faster and more durable then its predecessor weighing in at just 2.1kgs. Battery life is in excess of 200 cycles with a 7 second splice time and an incredible 28second heat shrink cycle for a 60mm sleeve. With Sumitomo’s characteristic dual oven technology, engineer output can be vastly increased. Supplied in a rugged case which has been design for the splicer to sit on and a convenient fold out work platform for the cleaver .

While compact, lightweight, rugged and durable, the T-71C is capable of the fastest splice cycle time. Its touch screen display and remote technical support via the Internet enhance user friendliness, making the splicer simple and versatile.



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