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Alnair Labs TLG-300

The Alnair Labs TLG-300 features <100kHz narrow linewidth with wavelength tunability that is locked at ITU grid. It is available in main frame form, with configurations of 1 to 12 slots. The mainframe comes with an interface of USB/Ethernet. Each slot can be chosen to have 1 to 4 of laser units. Therefore, a maximum of 48 laser units can be accommodated into a main frame with 12 slots configuration.

Due to its narrow linewidth, the Alnair TLG-300 is an ideal narrow-linewidth wavelength tunable laser source for applications such as coherent communication and long-range optical sensing. The center wavelength can be chosen either for C-band or L-band. The TLG-300 has wavelength fine-tuning resolution 1MHz.


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